EP 004 – STILL

On today’s episode, I chatted with Will, releasing music under the name STILL – he’s a singer, writer and an up and coming producer in the making out of Pennsylvania. If you go and check out STILL’s Spotify or Apple Music page don’t let the number of releases fool you – it’s all about quality over quantity, and releasing music in the right season.

We had a chance to talk about the inspiration for STILL’s sound, the right season and time for releasing music, the impact of the Christian creative space, and being on social media.

The solution to my heart feeling heavy is finding my rest in God.


I love where the Christian music space is currently at, it’s grown immensely in the past decade, but I think more specifically in the past five years there’s this sense of abandoning traditional genres. And that’s totally alright and amazing at the same time. Because we are so interconnected with our ideas, likes, and influences that has showcased itself in music. You have R&B elements mixed with EDM, alternative and hip hop, experimental indie mixed with lo-fi.

The scene has become the perfect melting pot, where we’ve thrown away putting things into a silo. And we’re in a sense saying let’s re-write the story to what it means to be a creative. And that is awesome to see!

I’ll speak for myself in this regard, music has such a strong emotional connection. I listen to it for everything, and there’s some songs that bring me back to a difficult time in my life, or even a time where I felt overwhelming happiness. So thank you to every musician who has laid it on the line with their lyrics, who bared their soul as a way to encourage us, who dared to push the boundaries on what it means to glorify God.

Thank you.


Episode Timestamps:

  • Releasing Music and Just Going For IT – (2:01)
  • STILL’s Sound Inspiration – (12:28)
  • Be STILL and Know… – (16:10)
  • Producing and Collaborating – (20:38)
  • Meaning Behind the Music – (26:21)
  • Community Impact, Social Media and Being Patient – (35:06)
  • Upcoming Projects – (49:17)

keep shining bright;

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