EP 006- Dion Davis

On today’s episode, I chatted with singer and songwriter Dion Davis – who in 2019 serenaded me down the aisle at my wedding. Now he wan’t physically there, but I walked down the aisle to “Lean Back” and if you would’be asked me if the opportunity would arise for me to talk to Dion in 2020 I would have looked at your some type of way. But here we are!

We also talked about what keeping the faith looks like in difficult seasons, experiencing the power of worshiping in hardship, and what it was like recording Lean Back.

Worship [is] so much more than having the ability to sing or play well. Worship is the position of your heart.

Dion Davis

Now why did I decide to use the song Lean Back? My journey back to Christ was an interesting one, but essentially I came back to Him out of heartbreak. My boyfriend who I was dating on and off for the past three years broke up with me out of the blue… again. I was surprised, hurt and disappointed and felt like my identity was so wrapped up in this individual, and now that he was gone I felt the harsh reality of emptiness begin to set in. I believe that was a Thursday night, and by the following Sunday I was in church.

Now I’ve known God all my life, grew up in church with my dad being a pastor, but I think the thing that lacked the most was having a personal relationship with God. I knew of Him but didn’t know Him myself in my heart. And after that breakup I began to learn what the love of God truly was – how it really does fill you and is so overwhelming at times. Over time I understood how the love of God could teach me to love myself and what it would mean to love my future husband.

And that’s where Lean Back comes in, this song has caused me to shed tears of joy, peace, and even sadness because of the love of God that I missed out on for many years. Lean Back brought my story full circle and it perfectly depicted the new journey I was about to embark on with my husband.

So wherever you are, and whatever stage you’re currently on in this journey called life, may you come to know the perfect, all encompassing, mountain climbing, shadow chasing love of God.


Icebreaker Questions:

  1. What is one song you have on repeat right now?
  2. What is your favorite snack to eat while watching a movie?
  3. What emoji do you use the most when texting?
  4. If you could only keep 3 apps on your phone, which ones would you keep?
  5. What year has been the most memorable?

Episode Timestamps:

  • Faith in Difficult Seasons/Early Church Memories/Embracing Our Emotions – (8:14)
  • Leading Worship Intentionally and Experiencing the Power of Worshiping in Hardship – (30:27)
  • A New Approach to Writing and the Creative Process – (49:15)
  • Recording “Lean Back” – (55:51)
  • Connecting with Dion and Future Projects – (1:03:18)
Dion Davis on The Lampstand Chronicles

keep shining bright;

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