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Hi, I’m Rocky. Writing has always been something that I’ve loved doing and now I’m combining that love with this new passion in my life with my podcast “The Lampstand Chronicles”, where I go deeper into some of the topics that have been talked about in each episode, as well as things that I just find interesting or leaves me wondering, “does anyone else think this?”

EP 009 – Charlene Nash

On today’s episode, I crossed another name off my bucket list and chatted with Charlene Nash – a singer and songwriter out of Ontario, Canada – again shout out to all of my fellow Canadian creatives. I’ve been a fan of Charlene’s music since 2017 and let me tell you, there’s levels to her music […]

EP 007 – Oyin, Refuge London

On today’s episode, I chatted with Oyin – an entrepreneur and former DJ, out of the UK. Oyin started the clothing company Refuge London after realizing that getting clothes shipped to the UK from the US was just too expensive. We talked about what it was like starting a clothing company from scratch and the […]

EP 006- Dion Davis

On today’s episode, I chatted with singer and songwriter Dion Davis – who in 2019 serenaded me down the aisle at my wedding. Now he wan’t physically there, but I walked down the aisle to “Lean Back” and if you would’be asked me if the opportunity would arise for me to talk to Dion in […]

EP 005 – Lydia Bricker

On today’s episode, I had an awesome conversation with Lydia Bricker – a singer and songwriter, worship pastor and mother of four out of South East Michigan. Can you talk about a busy schedule? We talked about her early inspirations, leading worship at 13, attending Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), becoming a worship pastor, […]


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