The Story

For many of us and from the time we were young, stories have shaped who we are.

There’s the stories of triumph, ones that may involve heartbreak and you know – the life lesson stories.

But those stories that we know all too well are the ones that other people are written. What about the stories for this generation? The stories that can encourage us in our faith?

On the podcast, The Lampstand Chronicles, I’m having conversations with the future trailblazers from the Christian creative space.

As we take a look back at the pivotal stories that have changed the course of their destiny.

These stories are from singers, writers, leaders, and many more digital media artists who are bold about their faith and are taking God’s light to shine upon their path.

These stories are meant to encourage us and help us all realize that we are all on a journey that we don’t have to walk alone on.

And as for myself, I’m a writer and leader in ministry who’s getting more comfortable using the voice that God has given me.

At the end of the day, I’m a girl saved by grace, who’s writing serves as a creative outlet, all backed by music which is the soundtrack to my life.

Who knows, you may come to realize that you have a story that a destined to be told as well.